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Stand By Corey.

Corey Feldman Fans
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All Members , Moderated
This community is dedicated to the poor unfortunate souls that call themselves Corey Feldman fans.

I, ladies and gents, am Mod # 1,cyanide_kiss. I have an uncanny adoration for all things 80's,despite only being alive for 4 years of the decade. I have fits of seizure at the sight of 'emo glasses'. And I once had a dog named Corey. And now, my lovely & talented assistant (& partner in crime), CiCi.

ahoy! i'm cici( thebombsitegirl), mod #2 for stand by corey. the idea to make a corey feldman community was brought on by steph, mod #1, during a conversation we had concerning how corey feldman should have played the jock in the breakfast club. amongst other silly things, we talk about 80's pop culture way too much, and i go on about corey feldman like i know the guy. i am even planning on being corey feldman for halloween this year!
wow. this corey feldman joke has gone way to far...